Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Isabella's First Wedding

Isabella's aunt and uncle - Julie and Chris (my sister and her husband) - renewed their wedding vows at a beautiful service and reception on June 24.

Partying at the Rehearsal

Dancing at the reception

Update on how I'm feeling - I had a bit of a relapse after the wedding getting a sinus infection on top of the mono. Getting plenty of rest though!

Friday, June 09, 2006

More cute pictures we have to share

"Why are they always taking pictures of me? Can't I rest!"
"I know I'm adorable!"
"Let me drink my bottle in peace!"
"American Idol -Here I come!"

"I'd rather play with the dog's toys!"

I love to swim!

Isabella turns ONE!

Thursday, June 8 marked a great milestone in Isabella's life - she turned 1! We started the day with brunch at Bob Evans with Grandma Mary and went to the toy store from there. Grandma Sue and Grandpa Al played with her in the afternoon before going to a special party at the Gaylord house. Surrounded by immediate family, she celebrated by enjoying pizza and her first taste of ice cream.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Offline for awhile

Dear Readers,
We are sorry we have not posted updates for awhile and are sad to report another delay ahead. As many of you may know after speaking with Kevin or other family members about the cancellation of Isabella's birthday party, Jennifer has been very sick.

She was admitted to Akron General Medical Center May 19 with breathing problems. After many tests doctors discovered a bacterial infection in the lining of her chest wall. But that wasn't all. She had a badly infected gallbladder full of stones. She had complained of stomach aches in the previous weeks and had tests scheduled for May 21. She didn't make it for those tests.

Her doctor scheduled an emergency surgery to remove the gallbladder. But again that wasn't the end. While in pre-surgery, Jennifer pointed out a lump in her throat to her surgeon. With no fever and no other symptoms, doctors proceeded with the surgery. However, later that day, Jennifer spiked a fever of 103 degrees. For three days, doctors did tests to figure out why her fever was so high and rising. Packed in ice to cool her down, Jennifer told doctor's of her sore throat as it swelled and swelled to no throat at all.

After numerous specialist consulted on her case, an ENT discovered an infected bronchial cyst in her right lymph nodes. Hoping that antibiotics would cure the infection, doctors watched her progress. The fever and much of the swelling subsided so doctors released her at 2 p.m. May 27 (Kevin's 30th birthday).

Within an hour of being home, Jennifer's throat began to swell and her fever began to rise. At 4:41 p.m. May 27 she was readmitted to Akron General.

The next morning doctor's performed a radiological drainage of the bronchial cyst to relieve some of the pressure in hopes antibiotics could kick the rest of the infection out. But that wasn't the only thing Jennifer was fighting. Later that day, her infectious disease doctor informed us that Jennifer was also fighting Mono. We were informed that she was well past the age group to contract this disease but with her weakened immune system couldn't fight it off.

No luck as Jennifer underwent another surgery as doctors inserted a drainage tube in her neck. For two days doctors watched as little fluid drained from the tube so another procedure was performed to insert a new tube which remains in place today.

Jennifer was released this weekend to her parents' care. She and Isabella have moved in with them as Jennifer recovers (and sleeps - The Mono has her so drained she's only awake about 6-8 hours a day.) She meets with her ENT today to discuss the next step. Her I.D. doctor's are in touch with her and will see her later this week. Her surgeon will meet with her next week to check on her gallbladder incisions.

When we set a new date for Isabella's party, we will let everyone know. Thank you for understanding when we had to postpone.

Thank you, too, for all the well-wishes and prayers.