Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fruitees, all gone!

Isabella is addicted to fruit chews. She's likes all flavors and shapes.

I guess it's better that she eat 100% juice fruit chews than ask for candy all day. The only problem with the fruitees is that she shovels them in, and I mean shovel.

She empties an entire pack into her little hand and shoves all the fruit chews in my mouth at once. We've always called her chipmunk because she hordes food in her cheeks so watching her eat the fruitees is really funny. She's got all the fruit chews in her mouth and she chews as much as possible until the saliva runs out onto her chin.

I've been trying to get her to only put a few at a time in her mouth, and I check to see if she's swallowed all the fruitees before she's allowed to put more in. Open wide!

Friday, September 28, 2007


Watch for updates really soon! After finishing up training today, I packed Isabella up and we headed home - finally. Grandma and Papa G took good care of us but I'm sure they are ready to see us go - at least for a little while.

Next week, it's back to pictures everyday and I hope to get them posted as we go. Isabella's grown so much in just five weeks; you'll be amazed!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fun Friday

Yeah! Another week of training is over and I officially only have one week to go. By this time next week, I will be done with training and I can work from home on my terms on my own time.

So I got off work early today, came home and swooped up Isabella for a quick Akron Zoo trip. She has been dying to see the lion and Akron added a tiger to its exhibit. I figured I could combine the zoo trip and exercise so I power walked the course in 40 minutes. We still hit all the important exhibits and spent some extra time talking with the lion that was chilling in the shade.

Then we stopped by our house to play with Molly and Kalli. The dogs jumped and licked Isabella so much! And she gave them treats.

It was a great mom and Bella afternoon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday to my baby sister!

Julie turns 26 today so that means in exactly three weeks I will be one year away from 30! Yikes! But anyways...wishing my baby sis, Julie, happy 26th!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

First football game

Isabella enjoyed her first outdoor football game with Grandma and Papa Kramer last night at Kent Roosevelt High School in Kent.

She was picked up around 6 pm and whisked off to a special pre-game dinner at Burger King. She accompanied Grandma and Papa to the game, but wasn't too interested in the game on the field. She was "busy," they said when they dropped her back off a little after 9 pm. She made it to half-time or should I say Grandma and Papa made it to half-time.

Isabella is a very antsy little two year old so I'm not surprised that she didn't sit still for the game. But she sure had fun - she told mom and dad about dancing to the music and eating chicken nuggets and purple candy. She skipped and jumped around the house full of excitement about her first football game.

Thanks Grandma and Papa! We hope you aren't too tired out!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Swiper get you

Okay so I lied. I do have time today to write a little entry.

Last night was rough. Isabella was up quite a few times crying. A few that she cried herself back to sleep and a few that required intervention. Eventually at 7 am she told my mom that she was scared. Apparently she had a bad dream. Now she keeps saying that "Swiper get you". For those of you out of the Dora scene, Swiper is a fox who takes things away from Dora and Boots. When you see Swiper you yell, Swiper no swiping.

Hopefully she gets a long nap today so I might wish Swiper swipes you. Just kidding of course!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Blogger Break

Hi Readers,
You are probably asking "Where are the pictures?" It's been a crazy few weeks and the next few promise more unpredictable days. So I've decided to take a two week break from Blogger.

Between work, my back issues (and doctor's appointments), Isabella's crazy schedule, living with my parents and everything else that goes along with life, I need to concentrate on other things right now.

In the meantime, visit my mom's blog or my sister's blog to catch up on our lives.

Check back at the end of the month for our reappearance!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

Wishing everyone a great Labor Day and long weekend. While Isabella and Kevin are off enjoying a family cook-out, swimming and playing, I'm stuck working. Oh well, though!

First Fireworks Show

Isabella enjoyed her first fireworks show last night at Stow's Summer Sunset Blast at Silver Springs Park. She was enthralled with the colors and said "Ohh" and "Awhhhh". She was surrounded by friends and family: Aunt Julie, Grandma Mary, Grandma Sue and Papa Al, Miss Tracy, Mommy and Daddy, and friends Morgan and Paige.

The festival had all kinds of kids activities and food and games. Mommy slacked on the "No sugar after 4pm"rule so she was able to enjoy sugars, snow cones and her first taste on cotton candy. She didn't want to give that up but after a few big bites, Mommy had to put it away. She ate popcorn with Grandma Sue and Papa Al, her new favorite food since her "picnics" in Florida.

Stow did a really nice job with this event, the first of its kind. Hopefully they continue to host it and it grows each year! We all had a fun time!

Sorry for the lack of pics. The darkness made it hard to get any good shots. The few I caught on my cellphone, I can't figure out how to email them to my yahoo account.