Monday, September 03, 2007

First Fireworks Show

Isabella enjoyed her first fireworks show last night at Stow's Summer Sunset Blast at Silver Springs Park. She was enthralled with the colors and said "Ohh" and "Awhhhh". She was surrounded by friends and family: Aunt Julie, Grandma Mary, Grandma Sue and Papa Al, Miss Tracy, Mommy and Daddy, and friends Morgan and Paige.

The festival had all kinds of kids activities and food and games. Mommy slacked on the "No sugar after 4pm"rule so she was able to enjoy sugars, snow cones and her first taste on cotton candy. She didn't want to give that up but after a few big bites, Mommy had to put it away. She ate popcorn with Grandma Sue and Papa Al, her new favorite food since her "picnics" in Florida.

Stow did a really nice job with this event, the first of its kind. Hopefully they continue to host it and it grows each year! We all had a fun time!

Sorry for the lack of pics. The darkness made it hard to get any good shots. The few I caught on my cellphone, I can't figure out how to email them to my yahoo account.


Julie said...

Thanks for inviting me along. I had a great day! I have some pictures from the days events. Hopefully I'll be posting them on my blog soon! :-)

Kristy LaVella said...

Sounds like fun:)