Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fruitees, all gone!

Isabella is addicted to fruit chews. She's likes all flavors and shapes.

I guess it's better that she eat 100% juice fruit chews than ask for candy all day. The only problem with the fruitees is that she shovels them in, and I mean shovel.

She empties an entire pack into her little hand and shoves all the fruit chews in my mouth at once. We've always called her chipmunk because she hordes food in her cheeks so watching her eat the fruitees is really funny. She's got all the fruit chews in her mouth and she chews as much as possible until the saliva runs out onto her chin.

I've been trying to get her to only put a few at a time in her mouth, and I check to see if she's swallowed all the fruitees before she's allowed to put more in. Open wide!

1 comment:

Julie Madera said...

I'm sure the those puffy cheeks have them hidden somewhere! MORE FRUITEES MOMMY!! You know one package is never enough!
God love that child!! :-)