Saturday, September 15, 2007

First football game

Isabella enjoyed her first outdoor football game with Grandma and Papa Kramer last night at Kent Roosevelt High School in Kent.

She was picked up around 6 pm and whisked off to a special pre-game dinner at Burger King. She accompanied Grandma and Papa to the game, but wasn't too interested in the game on the field. She was "busy," they said when they dropped her back off a little after 9 pm. She made it to half-time or should I say Grandma and Papa made it to half-time.

Isabella is a very antsy little two year old so I'm not surprised that she didn't sit still for the game. But she sure had fun - she told mom and dad about dancing to the music and eating chicken nuggets and purple candy. She skipped and jumped around the house full of excitement about her first football game.

Thanks Grandma and Papa! We hope you aren't too tired out!

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Regina & Randy said...

That sounds like our adventures in church every Sunday!! The little ones make it very difficult to concentrate :-)