Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter 2008

What a wonderful way to end our Forever Family weekend! Sunday started with an Easter egg and basket hunt at our house, followed by Easter Mass with Grandma and Papa Kramer. Lunch at the Kramers was filled with love and laughter. The girls loved the Easter egg hunt! Dinner with Grandma & Papa Gaylord, Uncle Chris and Aunt Julie was a great way to end the day! And did I mention another Easter egg hunt!!!

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Easter 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Forever Family Day

Wow! What a celebration packed weekend! We had lots to celebrate with Gotcha Day and Easter all in one weekend.

We planned a special dinner for Isabella on Friday to celebrate the end of her second year with us. She's learned so much the past two years that we wanted to make sure we could reflect on the awesome gift we've received - her.

So Kevin, Isabella, Grandmas Sue and Mary and Papas Al and Steve and I all went to dinner at Dontino's - our family's favorite Italian spot (Kevin and I had our wedding rehearsal dinner there.).

After dinner we went back to our house for what else, but Dairy Queen ice cream cake and a few small presents to spoil the princess with.

I'll fill you in on the rest of the weekend later - now it's off to rest because I'm sick yet again. Isabella is finally getting over her double ear infection and bladder infection so of course I get strep throat. Ugh!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The night before

Two years ago tonight, Kevin and I didn't get much sleep. The minutes couldn't click by fast enough. We walked around our house knowing tomorrow would change everything.

We would be meeting our daughter, in person, for the very first time in less than 24 hours. Not to leave and return months later, but to bring her home - forever!

These two years have FLOWN by! We've lived so much joy because this little lady joined our lives. We've made forever friends who love their own Guat-tots. We've shared our love with a child who may not have had a home.

As Kevin and I reflect on what tonight means to us, please say a prayer as we celebrate tomorrow - two years as our forever family!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Guatemala Group Easter Party

What a great morning!
We joined 11 other families with beautiful Guatemalan kids for "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" at Quail Hollow State Park in Hartville.
We enjoyed cinnamon french toast stick and sausage, fruit cups and tea while Mr. Bunny wandered the room to visit with the kids. Isabella went right up to him, shook his hand, shared her cookies and posed for a nice photo.
After breakfast, we headed outside for an egg hunt. The weather cooperated - not too cold or snowy/muddy. Then we visited the nature center and saw hawks and owls and lots of snakes.

"Smile for Daddy!"

"Smile for Mommy!"

"This is good sausage. I hope everyone else is enjoying breakfast."

"Hi, Mr. Bunny."

"Would you like one of my cookies?"

"Hoppy Easter!"

Time for the hunt. Wait....


"I'm getting the eggs!"

"Mom says I should share with the babies."

"Check out this hawk!"

"Can I touch it?"

"This is really soft."

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Family

Here's a great shot of the family at the shoe show. Kevin is still getting a lot of compliments on the event. Collectors from other states have contacted him to talk about how they can host similar events.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snow AND Spring Ahead

Nearly two feet of snow and the loss of an hour's sleep in the same weekend!
What have we done to deserve this?!!!!!

For those of you who have been basking in the warmth of the sun or who have been living under a rock the past week, Ohio and the Great Lakes were slammed with a snow storm this weekend.

It started around 11 a.m. Friday. I know this because I was co-chair of a conference - YouToo: Social Media Boot Camp and Leadership Summit - that expected out-of-town presenters for afternoon sessions. I sat with the other co-chair and made phone calls to confirm the sessions at this time - watching the snow flakes turn into drifts and piles faster than the trucks could salt and plow.
That was just the beginning, though. By this morning, mother nature had dropped nearly two feet of the white stuff, shutting down Akron and the surrounding areas. I mean everything was closed, even McDonald's.
Kevin cleared our driveway and four of our neighbor's drives five times by this morning. That's in two days! Thank goodness for the snow blower.

So with no falling snow today, we began to dig out and stock up. And so did everyone else. The stores were packed, the gas stations backed up, restaurants overflowing. We were all tired of being inside, and we are all out of whack with the later daylight!

From Isabella - "Bedtime when it's light out? Why, Mommy?"

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Congrats to Kevin for his job well done at this weekend's Cleveland's Got Sole Sneaker Showcase. More than 200 people attended the show with 30 table displays and more than 30 volunteers. At $5 for admission and raffle tickets, he helped raise more than $2,400 for charity. Everyone was very impressed. I'll post a lot of pics later this week, but here's a sneak peek!