Sunday, March 02, 2008


Congrats to Kevin for his job well done at this weekend's Cleveland's Got Sole Sneaker Showcase. More than 200 people attended the show with 30 table displays and more than 30 volunteers. At $5 for admission and raffle tickets, he helped raise more than $2,400 for charity. Everyone was very impressed. I'll post a lot of pics later this week, but here's a sneak peek!


Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you, Kevin! We knew you were working hard on this fund raiser, but we are so glad we got to come up and see the "fruits of your labor!" It was very impressive. It doesn't hurt to have a beautiful, supportive wife at your side either!
Wonderful work to both you and Jen!
We love you both,
Mom and Dad

The Kramer's said...

Congrat's Kevin! I heard it was pretty cool!! What a great way to turn your passion in shoes into a way to raise money for youth foundations! CONGRAT'S!! (How many pairs of shoes did you end up buying???? LOL) Love you guys!

Julie Madera said...

CONGRATS, Kevin! You did a great job! It was really cool to see all your hard work put into play. Thank you for letting me come up, it was awesome! Can't wait to see next years!
Great job with all your help too Jen!
Love you guys xo