Monday, September 10, 2007

Swiper get you

Okay so I lied. I do have time today to write a little entry.

Last night was rough. Isabella was up quite a few times crying. A few that she cried herself back to sleep and a few that required intervention. Eventually at 7 am she told my mom that she was scared. Apparently she had a bad dream. Now she keeps saying that "Swiper get you". For those of you out of the Dora scene, Swiper is a fox who takes things away from Dora and Boots. When you see Swiper you yell, Swiper no swiping.

Hopefully she gets a long nap today so I might wish Swiper swipes you. Just kidding of course!


Kristy LaVella said...

Awwww man... :) Hope swiper thoughts don't bug her too long. Makenzie loves running around the house when Dora's on saying, "Swiper no swiping" to us so we don't get her and tickle her. Her birthday party will be Dora... fun times ahead!?!?!

The Kramer's said...

That's funny! Swiper is kinda of creepy! He must have been stealing something important to her!!!
Love you guys!