Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I've grown so much

Check out this video montage...
View this video montage created at One True Media
I've grown so much in one year


Elle Barwidi said...

Jennifer and Kevin, she is absolutely beautiful and the video was great! It has been fun watching Isabella grow.

The Kramer's said...

That will make just about anyone tear up! I loved it! Jennifer you are SO creative!!! It's hard to believe how much she has grown up!! She's a gorgeous little girl, I love her so much!
See you guys this weekend,

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Jennifer and Isabella,
What a way to start my day! Lots of tears of joy. What a miracle this last year has been, huh? The journey has sometimes been hard, but look at all the lives changed by Isabella. You are a beautiful family -- I believe exactly the PLAN God had for the three of you!
Love you all,
Mom/Grandma K.

Kevin said...

That's hard to watch with a dry eye. I love watching it Jen. I love you both SOOOOOO much!

Laura said...

Great video... she's just grown and thrived so much with her mommy & daddy's love. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great video. It just goes to show...... GOD IS GOOD! He has blessed all of you in so many ways.
See you on Saturday.
Aunt Leslie

Anonymous said...

The video was great. I cried through the whole thing. While I was watching, I couldn't help but to think to myself all the hardship, tears, and disappointments you both went through to be able to take that video of that beautiful, amazing little girl. You ARE the perfect family and I love you all so much. Can't wait for Saturday, see you all soon!!
Love, Julie ;-)

Anonymous said...

We're one of the big Krammer's friend (read: older)The Hobbs from Atlanta (previously from Ohio). You made us reminisce so much watching this video, hearing that song on this particular date: 9/11... It made us think that no matter how hard life is, no matter how horrible it seems at times, no matter how tragic it feels, all it takes for man to heal and be fulfilled is Love. And the joy of Love will make each person whole. You are love, and even with this simple collections of photos you have sent us love over the skies to touch our hearts. MANY BLESSINGS TO YOU! Steve and Miriam