Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Easter pics from the Gaylords

After a really busy morning at church and at Mama & Papa Kramer's, we headed to Mama &Papa Gaylord's to see them. The Easter Bunny must have known that I was coming because he (or she) left lots of presents!
I love Zoe!

Thanks for all the cool stuff Aunt Julie & Uncle Chris!

Elmo & Zoe really will grow when I put them under water? That's so cool!

Wow Mommy! The Easter Bunny sure brought me a lot of stuff.

He must know that I really love Elmo.

Thanks for helping me color a mermaid picture, Uncle Chris. (Did you know that Uncle Tim & Aunt Melissa got this for me from the Easter Bunny?)


Aunt Julie said...

I love the captions!
WOW Bella, the Easter Bunny must know that you're a very good girl.
Uncle Bris and I love you so much. See you later! ;-)

William, Kristy, Kaylie and Makenzie LaVella said...

Isabella, you're getting bigger every day! Glad to see you had a nice Easter. Your little cousins here see your pictures and say they can't wait to see you some time=)

William, Kristy, Kaylie and Makenzie LaVella said...

Did Isabella get Elmo/Zoe wash cloths? Looks like the ones my mother-in-law sent us. If so, they sure do help with cleaning and tickling those germs away!