Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Vacation post #3

I know these are out of date order but Julie sent these pics to me today, and I wanted to get them up for you to see. They came over small in email but the pics are still cute.
"How much spaghetti do you think I can fit in my mouth?"

Showing off for the table of 12 (all our family) at the Jolly Roger Restaurant

Checking out the dolphin sculpture with Aunt Julie

Relaxing while Mommy pushes (This is where Mommy got poison ivy)


Anonymous said...

Kramer Family,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful fun vacation with me.
Cayden loves to look at all the photos of Isabella and Family.
Keep em coming! Wishing you all a wonderful ~~~~~ and more fun filled excitement for the summer.
HUgs from Andy D.

William, Kristy, Kaylie & Makenzie LaVella said...

Glad to see you all had a great time. I bet Isabella enjoyed the attention from all of her family=) Kaylie was around the same age when we went with you guys two years ago. Vacations are always fun! ~Thanks for all the photos~