Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why I'm thankful

When I got up this morning, I opened the Akron Beacon Journal. I wasn't looking for anything in particular. I just wanted to catch up on the daily news, check out the Heldenfiles for celebrity gossip, see the pre-Thanksgiving ads.

But an article caught me eye and made me cry.

I've linked the article here. It's titled:
Adoption changes wrenching
U.S. couples in limbo as Guatemala looks at rules that would drastically slow now-unregulated system

While I've used this blog to call for reform in the Guatemalan adoption system, I've also heralded seamless adoptions for families in the process. This article points to the need for the seamless transition for those families. And it makes me count my blessings, that Isabella is home.

Even though she's sometimes fussy, bossy, messy and time-consuming, she's here, in my arms, forever. I can hold her and hug her whenever I want. I don't have to look longingly at pictures of my baby so many thousands of miles away.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful she's home! And I pray for the 3,700 Guatemalan babies who are waiting for their forever homes. But most importantly, I pray for those parents who so badly want their babies here and are wondering if and when it will ever happen.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Rachel said...

Isabella is such a blessing to everyone!