Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We're Back!

Everyone is feeling much better! Super huge thanks to my mom and dad for watching "us" as I mended. And now, finally, some pictures!

Isabella loves animals. So for Christmas, her Aunt TT and Uncle Keith brought her the movie, The Jungle Book. She dances to the songs and especially loves the scenes with the elephants.

Her Grandma Sue and Papa Al got her a book about The Jungle Book with felt figures so she could tell the story herself. It' a wonderful, educational toy that she loves to play with. She makes up her own version of the story and plays with the felt board as she talks about the adventures of the characters.

I encourage every parent to purchase these kinds of toys for their children. Not only does the felt book get her away from the beloved television version of The Jungle Book, but it also encourages her to talk as she tells her story in her ever-developing vocabulary.

"I think The Jungle Book and The Lion King characters should all play together."

"Mom, can I stay up late and play?"
"Can I see through all this hair?"

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The DeWater family said...

Glad you are all feeling better!

Thanks for the pictures-I was having "bella withdrawl"!

See you soon!