Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Will the sickness ever stop?

We rushed Isabella to the ER Sunday night.She's been fighting an ear infection, etc. for nearly two weeks.

On Sunday, she was very clingy and kept saying she didn't feel good. At 4:30 p.m. she curled up on the living room floor and fell asleep. That was my first clue.

As she slept she started having coughing fits with a deep mucousy sound. I was scared that she had developed pneumonia. And she spiked a fever!

The ER visit as FAST! We were in and out within 20 minutes. Can you believe that?!

The doc checked Isabella out and told us that she developed a nasty viral infection. Go home and follow up with her pediatrician within 5 days.

She's still not feeling well (or sleeping well). Kevin and I are exhausted. She's up at least every two hours. We feel bad for her because she can't breathe, and her cough is horrible.

Hopefully, she will feel better very soon! (And we can get some sleep!)


Laura said...

Oh, poor Isabella! That sure doesn't sound fun at all. I hope she's feeling better. Isaac has just a mild cold right now. I just hate when our babies are sick. :(

The DeWater family said...

Poor baby!!!! That's no fun - hopefully she will start feeling better soon! You and Kevin need to stay healthy also!


P.S. Thanks for the hockey tickets!!!!

Julie Madera said...

Oh Bella, you are always in mine and Uncle Chris' thoughts. We hope you feel better soon baby. I hate hearing you say you don't feel good.
I'll see you tonight for some 'girl' time! :-)

Kristy said...

Feel better soon, kiddo... Your cousins here know it's not fun being sick, too! Good luck with getting sleep, it seems once you have children there's always something to keep you up=)

The Kramer's said...

Poor Isabella! Hope you feel better soon baby!! We love you!

Randy, Regina & the boys said...

We really feel for you guys and hope that Isabella starts feeling more like herself very quickly! Jen, we hope that you are feeling better too! Hang in there guys, it's only a matter of time until you'll be rested and all back on your feet again. Think summer and warm weather. We'll miss you guys this weekend, but know that you'd be here if you could be. We're looking forward to seeing you guys once everyone is healthy. Lots of Love. God Bless.
(Hey, how did you manage only 20 minutes in the ER?? Our average has been 3-4hrs!)