Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Scared of the Geese

We celebrated cousin Brittany's graduation last weekend at a nice cook-out, even though it poured. The party was in a pole-barn so we all had plenty of seats to stay out the of rain. While eating, Isabella noticed geese sitting above us in the rafters. She was very curious about the geese and asked repeatedly why they were up there. Daddy explained that the geese were not real, that Uncle Ted used them for hunting. She still wasn't sure about them and wouldn't walk near or under the geese. Finally, someone got one down so she could see that they were fake.


Laura said...

That's too funny!

Anonymous said...

I love Isabella's eyes on the second picture! She looks like she is still not quite sure if these are real or not.
Cute picture!
Love you Bella,
Grandma Sue

The DeWater family said...

It didn't help that a certain someone (she know's who she is) SCARED poor Bella about the geese!!!

Hopefully she won't try and pet a real goose?!!!