Monday, October 06, 2008


With all the parties and activities lately, I should have a lot of photos to post. But, no. I've not been good about snapping pics of our favorite Guat kid so I've stolen a few from others blogs. Thanks to those who have captured the kiddo in action.

While I've reported in previous posts that Isabella wanted to be called Isa, she now goes by Bella, Isabella, Isa or Patch. Yes, that's right. Patch. For those who know the Dalmatian movies, Patch is one of Pongo's and Perdita's 99 puppies. If you're lucky or a waiter or a nice lady in the store who tries to talk to her, you may hear her bark at you.

Quite an imagination!


Julie Madera said...

Patch...LOL, that cracks me up! She's too darn cute! :-)

Laura said...

This morning, I have an "Isaac Kitty," so I know what you're going through. Meows instead of barks! :)

Cute pics!

Mindy said...

Super cute about the PATCH! LOL. She is a doll as always no matter where you steal the pics from:-) I know I need to get back to you about a ton of stuff and promise me..I will. I am never this bad about communication so I feel awful about it. And me being so sick is just adding to me getting more and more behind. Hope are are feeling OK!

Kristy said...

Awe:) I can totally picture her acting like a little puppy, too! Is that her hopes for Halloween this year?