Friday, January 23, 2009

Sickness all around

No one wants to stop by the Kramer house! Isabella and I have been really sick this week.

Isabella was really lethargic Monday, sleeping on and off most of the day, not eating anything. She attempted mac 'n cheese for dinner and it came right back up. This was the first time she's ever thrown up so she was pretty scared. It made for a long night of high fevers and not so fun baths to clean her up. I slept in her room with her and stayed with her Tuesday. By Wednesday morning she was well enough to go to grandma's even though she still had no appetite.

By late Tuesday, I was starting to feel it, but I went to work the next day. Not smart. By 1 p.m. I was running to the bathroom. I even had to pull over on the expressway to throw up. Not fun!

I couldn't keep anything down, not even sips of water. Kevin took me to the ER around 9:30 p.m. after my doctor said to go. Fluids, Catscan, pain and nausea meds. Diagnosis - Really bad viral bug and UTI. Not fun. So it's back to the doctor's today.

Hope you all stay clear of this nasty bug!


Laura said...

This sounds a lot like what we went through in November. It was sooooooooooo not fun. I hope you all recover quickly!

Take care and get well soon.

Rachel said...

yuck yuck! Feel better soon!

Julie Madera said...

I know you all have had a rough week and it's not getting any better yet at this point! I hope you start to feel better soon...I miss you! :-(
Let me know if you need anything...I'm home now! :-)

Jen said...

Get Well Soon:)
The Other Jen...Jen D.