Saturday, March 21, 2009

Forever Family Day - 3 years ago...

The emotions I feel today are just as strong as those just three years ago when I first got to hold my Isabella. The emotions are different. Three years ago I was anxious, nervous and excited. Today, as I remember that day (like it was yesterday), I am full of love.

Isabella has changed our lives in every way - for the better. She's filled my heart that so longed to be her mother. She makes me proud each and every day whether it's by saying "Sure, mommy" or by peddling her bike the right way.

We have a special day planned today. We will visit the zoo, Isabella's favorite thing to do, with Aunt Julie. We will have a special dinner with all the grandparents at "Bob Heavens," Isabella's favorite restaurant. We will read special books about adoption and Guatemala. And we will hug her extra hard today as we celebrate our third Forever Family Day!

Congrats to the Millers, too, who we will think about today as they, too, celebrate three years with their Jakob! We may have met in line at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City, but you will be our special friends forever!


Julie Madera said...

I can't believe it's been 3 years! It seems like Isabella was always a part of our family. I can only imagine the emotions you and Kevin are feeling today. Isabella has too, changed my life. She is the sweetest, smartest and funniest little girl I know and I'm proud to call her my niece. There is nothing Uncle Chris and I wouldn't do for her! Enjoy your day, remember all the emotions and memories thus far and know that you have a ton more in the years to come!
We love you sweet Bella, Happy Gotcha Day!! :-)

Jen said...

Again, Congrats to your "Forever Family!"
Jen D.

Laura said...

Congrats! I hope you all enjoyed your fun day!

LOL at "Bob Heavens"... she's such a sweetie :)

Anonymous said...

She truly is a blessing. May your love for her continue to grow day to day, year to year. Love, Mike & Terri

The Kramer's said...

Hope Isabella enjoyed her special dinner! Doesn't seem like 3 years, feels like it's always been the 3 girls running around acting crazy! :-) Uncle Tim, Matthew and I love you so much Bella!