Monday, May 05, 2008

Aurora Farms

We've been trying to enjoy the warmer days. We've all been really sick this winter so we welcome the days we can get out of the house.

Aunt Julie joined us for a day of shopping at Aurora Farms Premium Outlets. Bella needed shoes - desperately - and I was getting a jump on Christmas shopping (Yes, I know. Christmas, you think? Well, I have to find the deals because we have a lot of people we celebrate with!)

Bella had fun riding along in her stroller and playing at the parks.

Visit for more great photos!


Laura said...

She sure was hamming it up for the cameras that day... I love the pics on both blogs. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her with the sucker! Next time I find out you guys were at Aurora Farms and didn't stop by you'll be in trouble! We'll get together soon. Love, Terri

Regina said...

I hope you found some good buys! Hey, I'm with you on the Christmas shopping. We're nearly done with ours already!! Take care and hopefully more very warm weather will be on the horizon.
Happy Mother's Day to you and the girls in your family!