Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Bed

I've have been bugging Kevin for weeks to convert Isabella's crib to a day-bed. Yes - Isabella was still in a crib until Sunday! She loves her bed and didn't want it converted, but I'd convinced her she needed a Big Girl Bed. (How else will she be able to go "potty" if she needs too, but that's a whole other post...)

First night in the converted bed - Sunday!

We lectured Isabella about always staying in her bed unless one of us was in her room. She's listened well. No problems so far.

We added a guard-rail with see-through netting since Isabella rolls in her sleep.


Trying our her new Big Girl Bed


Laura said...

Isaac's still in his crib too. We're getting ready to make the big boy bed plunge soon... yikes!

Hope Isabella continues to do well for you. She looks like she likes it so far!

Kristy said...

Let your fun times begin:)

The Kramer's said...

Her bed is cute! Looks like Kevin didn't need those directions after all! Did you end up doing it Mother's Day night? I am sure she loves all the extra room!

Julie Madera said...

I'm glad to hear she's taking well to it. She sure does love her 'white bed'! :-)
Now if we all could convince her to wear big girl underwear! :-)

Regina said...

You guys are so lucky that she stayed in the crib that long. Jakob started crawling out of his back in October and he's so little! He wouldn't sleep in the converted crib or in a toddler bed either. He sleeps in a full-size bed only and that is a constant struggle.
I'm so happy for you guys that Isabella's transition has been effortless (this makes for more peaceful nights!!). I wish you the best in the weeks to come as well.