Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Fall Harvest

Kevin and I wanted Isabella to experience the wonders of fall in northeast Ohio at the many fall festivals around the area. While she isn't old enough to appreciate the beauty of the colorful leaves or the significance of the dropping temperature, she can participate in the fun children's activities at fall events.

Since she and I were staying with my parents in Stow this fall, we visited the Great Pumpkin Festival at Stow Munroe Falls High School. Older kids donned their costumes and decorated pumpkins and adults competed in pie eating contests, but for kids Isabella's age there was little to do. She didn't even get a free pumpkin. She did, however, sit still long enough for a Stow cheerleader to paint a white and black ghost on her face. It smeared before we made it home to get a photo.

Next we tried the Fall Harvest Festival presented by the Stow Historical Society at Silver Springs Park. We wondered through the museums and told Isabella stories about the ancient items. She didn't care. We picked out a pumpkin to paint with the other kids at the festival but she was scared. She wouldn't let her death-grip loose from Kevin's neck. She did want to hold the pumpkin so we brought it home. We quickly glanced at the vendors goods and left, disappointed again in her lack of enthusiasm.

We look back and wonder why she didn't want to enjoy the festivities and remember quickly that she's only 17 months old. And we want to do nothing to make her grow up any faster than she already is.

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Laura said...

Love all the new pictures... keep them coming! :)