Monday, February 19, 2007

Bad, bad baby

Isabella has officially begun the terrible twos! She is saying 'No' to everything she's told and she's throwing horrible tantrums. She's refusing to eat (she's even lost two pounds.) Timeouts have yet to work. Any suggestions?


Stacy Wessels said...

Let her have her fits. At meal time, give her food. If she doesn't eat it, put it in the fridge. If she says she's hungry later, give her what she didn't eat. It will be cold and not as tasty. Truly, Jen, she won't starve. She'll get hungry and eat. Stick to your guns. Don't be a short-order cook. In a couple of days, she'll be back at the table with the family.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer & Kevin,
You surely can't be talking about my sweet little granddaughter, Isabella!!!
Love you,
Mom K.

Anonymous said...

Jen & Kevin,
Your friend Stacy's comments are pretty much what I would recommend. In your spare time (ha! ha!) you might want to check out a great book on kids & eating -- it's called "Child of Mine: Feeding with Love & Good Sense" by Ellyn Satter. I recommend it to all my clients when their kids go thru these phases. Take a deep breath, say a prayer, and this, too, shall pass!
Cousin Val