Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Getting better...but not much

Thanks for all the comments on how to help with tantrums and eating.

Yesterday, Isabella ate much better, but still was a holy terror when told NO or given commands. I've been trying to explain to her why I tell her NO or why I tell her to do or not to do something. I feel it gives her a reason, though, I'm not sure she quite understands the reasoning yet (but it's a good habit for me to get into because the WHY phase is on its way.).

Timeouts seem to help and see understands what timeout is, often coming to me after timeout with a hug and a SORRY. Now if we can get to a place where we know timeout is the next step and she stops her behavior before timeout (but that's wishful thinking at this stage.).


Anonymous said...

Hi Jen-
Just make sure she is in time out for the equal amount of her age! Try to pick a time out spot that isn't much fun to be in and stick to that same spot. According to Nanny 911 we've learned to keep putting them back in time out but "TRY" not to say anything each time they get out. Eventually, they learn to stay there until told. The kitchen microwave timer works good for us. If they cry, I tell them they won't be able to hear the timer -- tears stop pretty fast. It all takes
patience, time & effort! Hang in there. Love, Terri

Laura said...

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time with Isabella... hopefully, she'll be listening better soon!

Stacy Wessels said...

You silly girl. Trying to explain "why" to a toddler is a bit like trying to explain it to a puppy. They see your mouth moving and know sounds are coming out, but there's not much beyond that. Try this one: "I'm the mommy. That's why." Say it again. Resonable rules don't need explaining, just enforcing. You're the adult, the "pack leader," if you will. Isabella will follow or spend a lot of time in time out. (And she won't be the first kid who did that.)