Friday, March 31, 2006

Doing well!!!!

Isabella is adjusting very well in spite of a nasty cold she developed yesterday. She is very attached to both Kevin and me but is comfortable with all the grandparents and the many friends who have spotted by to see her.

After four days in a row of visits to Children's Lab to get blood drawn, we had success yesterday. The nurses in the outpatient lab were again unsuccessful in getting blood so they called in a specialist. First stick, 5 vials of fresh, red blood! The hospital will run all the appropriate tests and we will get the results next week at Isabella's appointment.

She is sleeping much better through the night in her own crib in her own room. She likes to get a bottle between 10:30-midnight but then sleeps until 9am the next morning. We are hoping that this continues but it may be because she is sick.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and prayers of support. We really enjoy reading them and seeing how many people are watching us as we try to be great parents.

Enjoy the photos!

Mommy loves you! (In hotel in Guatemala City)

First bath time (Guatemala City)

First swimming pool experience with Daddy in Guatemala City (Bikini care of Grandma Kramer)

Crazy Baby Hair

Opening Christmas presents at her new home in Ohio (She loves to eat paper!)

I love my cousin Kelsey!!!


Laura said...

OMIGOSH... I can't get over how BEAUTIFUL she is, Jen!! Glad to hear you had a successful blood draw and also that she is sleeping well! Keep posting pics when you get a chance.

Aunt Julie said...

I can't express how excited I am to finally be an aunt from my sister. Everytime I look at her and see pictures of her, I get an instant smile. She is so adorable and beautiful, I can't help but brag and show her off. Jen, I can't wait till you feel the happiness that I'm feeling when I have a baby.
I love all 3 of you!! ;-)

Elle said...

Congratulations on finally bring home your daughter. I have enjoyed following your story. I know Kevin from the KSU Rec Center and he introduced me to your web site. I find myself eagerly awaiting to read what happens next. So congratulations to the both of you, she is absolutely beautiful and you both look so incredibly happy. Elle Barwidi

Anonymous said...

She is just so adorable!!!!

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

The DeWaters

Anonymous said...

I love the photos... Hard to believe she's almost 10 months old! Have fun with each other=)

Kim said...

Jennifer, she is so beautiful! I'm so happy that you and Kevin finally have her home. I can't wait to meet her in person! Congratulations! - Kim Kerver