Friday, March 03, 2006

Good Friday

No not the Easter Good Friday but day of our agency report! Our attorney was able to track down Isabella's birthmother for her to sign the adoption degree - the final document in our adoption case.

It's done, thank goodness.

Plus we found out that one of the attorney's assistant's is driving the 8 hours to Isabella's birth city to pick up her new birth certificate with Kramer as her last name. The birth certificate will be used on Monday to request Isabella's passport and by Wednesday the translator will have the final paperwork to translate to English.

We hope to hear that the documents were submitted to the US Embassy next Friday for the standard 48 hours processing and then by the following Wednesday we will have the travel date. Our agency rep told us the US Embassy is issuing travel dates just one week after the 48 processing time so we are praying we get the same luck!


Anonymous said...

A great sigh of relief! Now you can really breathe and celebrate that Isabella is your forever daughter! Now go pack and repack those bags! :)
Praying that the next steps go lightning quick,

Laura said...

Whew! The time is almost here!

Anonymous said...

Halleluia and thank God for his goodness!


Anonymous said...

The Lord answers prayer! Keep shopping and enjoy preparing for the arrival of your baby girl!

As we prepare for Easter we think about NEW LIFE. Indeed you will be experiencing this new life that the Lord has provided especially for both of you.

Aunt Leslie

Anonymous said...

Jen & Kevin,
I am here at Tiff's looking at these beautiful pics of Isabella. She is so adorable. I read this and welled of with tears of happiness for you guys.
The time is almost here. Good Luck with your trip and enjoy that beautiful baby, you both deserve this so much. I can't wait to see her.

Thinking of you often,
Jen Wagner

Anonymous said...

Yeah! One step closer=)
Luv ya~
Kristy LaVella