Tuesday, April 18, 2006

S'getti Face

Isabella enjoyed her first taste of spaghetti and tomato sauce Monday night. While she made a big mess, she sure loved it!


Laura said...

What a happy little girl... messy highchair pics are the best!

Anonymous said...

Kevin and Jennifer,
Sometimes I just look at these pictures of Isabella on this blog and I almost can't believe she is ACTUALLY HERE!!!!! She is sooooo beautiful and has such a pleasant personality. And she definitely loves her Mommy and Daddy!!!!! Can't believe she has been home 4 weeks already. She is such a blessing to our entire family!
We Love You All,
Mom K.

Anonymous said...

Kevin & Jennifer,
We sure are enjoying all the photos! Isabella is beautiful -- such a sweet little girl!
Cousins Val, Tom & family

Anonymous said...

Love the photos!