Saturday, April 15, 2006

What A Day!

Good Friday was quite a day for Isabella Kramer.

First, we journeyed for the third time in as many weeks to Cleveland Hopkins, this time to meet cousins Kristy, Mackenzie, Karen and Jerry for the first time.

Then she went to Strongsville Mall with mom and dad, Grandma Mary, Great aunt Dee Dee, Great uncle Ted, and second cousins Brittany and Jessica. She enjoyed McDonald's french fries before getting her ears pierced. Yes, that's right, she got her ears pierced. Words can't describe the experience so enjoy the photos from the exciting event!

We finished up the day with dinner with friends Chelsea, Rick, Nicholas, Lyndi, Matt and Tanner. We even walked to Strickland's for ice cream. Isabella was disappointed she couldn't enjoy the custard quite yet.

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