Saturday, December 09, 2006

10 hours of shopping takes its toll

What a long day!! Never have Kevin and I had a marathon shopping day, let alone with an 18 month old.

Out the door at 10 a.m., not to return until after 8 p.m. We hit Southpark Mall in Strongsville with hopes of capturing the best picture of the year - Isabella with Santa Claus. NO GO! After 30 minutes in line, she screamed at the sight of him. On to Kohl's with the 50+ deep check-out lines...we must have missed the coupons for the free shopping sprees! Then to lunch. Friendly's and grilled cheese. UMMMM!

Then Walmart in Stow which required a mile trek from car to shop. An hour later it's off to Chapel Hill Target. Again...did I miss out on the free items? Lines and carts full!

Chapel Hill here we come! A look at Santa from a far insights tears of fear. Old Navy, Sears, you name it, we looked...and bought!

Dinner ended at Rocknes with a cranky baby who had no nap. But who wouldn't be crabby at 10 hours of holiday shopping!

Pictures to come....


Laura said...

Wow, what a day! Our shopping was just a few hours long and we were all still crabby about it. Our Target didn't even have any carts available!

Sorry to hear about Santa. Maybe next year, we'll have better luck. :)

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Aunt Julie said...

That was a very long day. But we had so much fun (Friendly's)!! Can't wait to do it again.
Love you all,