Wednesday, December 27, 2006

When it rains it pours

I am sad to report that Kevin's Grandma Ann died today. She was 83. I will post details of visiting hours and a service when they become available.

Several of you have called and emailed asking about my doctor's appointment today with my ENT. Good news...the neck cyst is so small no surgery is necessary at this time. Doctors will recheck the cyst site in 12 months. Bad news...the CT scan showed three new cysts (neck masses, as the doctor calls them) on my thyroid. I will have a needle biopsy done at each cyst site on Jan. 9. Yes, Jan. 9, the same day I see the back surgeon.

I picked up the MRI films and the report today for the back surgeon. He will confer with his partners on the results, but according to the doctor who reported the findings first to me, surgery is my only option. This disk protrusion has likely caused my back pain for the past three years and has caused the sciatica pain which I saw physical therapists for. But I will find out for sure on Jan. 9 the course of action.

Isabella is feeling much better and has completed her antibiotic for her pneumonia. She is back to climbing the walls!

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