Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tons of pics on the way

Just wanted to take a moment to say that we had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Isabella was spoiled beyond belief with the same excuse from everyone - we have two Christmases to make up for! She was overwhelmed with gifts and is enjoying them all!

A bit of sad news...Kevin's Grandma continues to deteriorate and is being moved to a Hospice Center at Euclid Hospital. She has been in Bedford City Hospital for a few weeks, first presenting with wounds from a fall, then developing pneumonia and a staph infection. We are praying for a miracle recovery.

I found out today that I must have back surgery to repair a large herniated disk in my lower back. I meet with the surgeon on Jan. 9 to decide a surgery date. Plus, tomorrow I meet with my ENT to discuss the next steps in removing the cyst in my neck. While my blood continues to show signs of mono, my internist believes I will have to wait until my immune system is stronger to have another surgery.

We will wait and pray that everything turns out okay!

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