Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nine months of experience teaches mom what she really needs to raise baby

After meeting with an "expecting" friend last night, I had the idea to share some of my recently attained "mom" wisdom with all of you.

Long past are the days of diaper pails of bleach and ammonia to soak cloth diapers, so I got to thinking about all the gizmos and gadgets made for babies today, from the electronic toys to the smell-free diaper containers to the complicated bottle-cleaning systems. Walking through Babies R Us or a baby department of the local drugstore can be overwhelming. What do we really need to care for a child?

While these new gadgets and gizmos have provided valuable teaching tools, safety and convenience for family and baby, very few are needed to raise a little one. But I have found a few items that I think every house with a baby should have.

I highly recommend the video monitoring system for a fret-free nights' sleep. No need to get up for every cry or peep, just check out the video image to see when she'll be back asleep.

Invest in a potty chair early. Even though your little one may be far from ready for using the pot, seeing it in its place will quicken the potty-training routine and will eliminate the potty fear that many toddlers develop.

Buy a dishwasher. If you have one, I'll develop a new love for the appliance. If you don't have one, dishwater hands will become your fashion statement. Between bottles and spoons and cups and plates, you will do at last three sinkfuls of dishes each day. With the dishwasher, I've gotten it to one load a day (Before baby, I could run the dishwasher twice a week to clean the dishes for Kevin and me.)

So that's it for today. From time-to-time I will return to this topic so other moms can learn what has worked for me and Isabella!

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