Friday, December 14, 2007

First holiday parties of the year

Well, last weekend marked the first of many Christmas parties for the Kramers, and a busy party-filled weekend kicked off last night with the Kent State University Faculty Holiday Party.

You may ask, what, you went to a faculty party? Well, yes, Isabella and I attended the festivities since I have the new role as the official PR/event management agency for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I've been working with The J School for about six weeks and will continue my work with them through at least June. It's been a fun and challenging experience so far and I look forward to the great events we are hosting to open the brand new school in Spring 2008.

Enough of that and back to the party schedule! Tonight marks the annual STI/AVI Family Holiday Party (Kevin's office party). It's great for the kids because every single one gets a bag full of presents. The big kids (us) enjoy food and drinks. It's a wonderful time.

Then, tomorrow we head back to STI/AVI for the first annual foster family Christmas Party. Every single employee donated money which the company matched to adopt four families. We got wish lists from the kids and bought them a ton. Kevin, Isabella and I helped wrap the gifts last week. Let's just say, these kids are going to remember this Christmas for years. Santa will make a special appearance; we'll have food and cookies (I'm actually baking!) and we'll show Christmas movies and specials in all the movie theater rooms. Can't wait.

Then, tomorrow night we journey on the Polar Express thanks to Aunt Linda's lucky raffle ticket number and her generosity. She gave the tickets to Grandma Sue since she already had tickets for her grandkids. I've never ridden the Polar Express because it's REALLY hard to get tickets. You must enter a lottery in August and then IF your number is picked, pony up $30-$45 a ticket. So this free night will be one to remember. Grandma Sue and Papa Al will join us and Tiffany, Kelsey and Kylie for pizza before we all head off to see Santa! (We'll see how it goes since Isabella is petrified of him!)

I'll post plenty of pics next week!

Now it's off to frost more cut-out cookies...

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Rachel said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying the holiday season!!