Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend pictures

What a great weekend even with Isabella's sudden onset earache!

Kevin's office party was a blast-so many kids, growing families. I remember jut five years ago when the company had only 10 employees. Now it's huge! Movies in all the theatre rooms, food, desserts, a visit by Santa and his elf, presents, friends-what a great time.

The foster family party was exciting, too. Seeing the excitement in the kids eyes was so worth the paper cuts from wrapping paper (kidding). Every child got every gift on his or her list. They won't forget this Christmas! It was at this party that Isabella went from crazy kid to a crying one. She spiked a fever of 104.5 degrees and we headed home thinking we were going to miss the Polar Express.

After taking with the After Hours doctor service we filled her with Motrin and Tylenol and hoped for a miracle. Within three hours, her fever broke and she was acting normal. Weird!

She we went on the Polar Express! What a fun night even with the four screaming 8-year-old kids sitting behind us. Christmas carols, hot cocoa and cookies, the story, elves, a visit to the North Pole, a visit from Santa and a special bell present. Isabella had a blast-until she passed out from exhaustion on the train ride home.

I'm posting a few pics tonight and will get to the hundred others later this week!


The Kramer's said...

I am glad she got to go to the Polar Express, we were worried! Sounds like a good time! Trying to cram 36 hours worth of stuff into 1 24 hour day!!! :-(
Super busy!! See you guys Sunday!

Anonymous said...

What a fun filled weekend. Happy that Isabella is feeling better.
HUgs and Love, Andy D.

Our Family of 5 said...

awwww, hope she is feeling better. Glad she made it for the Polar Express!

Laura said...

Wow, sounds like tons of fun!