Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Christmas Story

Merry Christmas! Wow! What a busy and blessed few days. We were so lucky to spend Christmas with our wonderful families (who are way too generous!)! We all were spoiled with presents, savoy foods & desserts and lovin'!

Check out this video of our fun-filled week. But first get some popcorn and turn off your screen-saver because this is a long one-over 20 minutes.



The Kramer's said...

Did you guys have enough space in your car for all of Isabella's goodies?? :-) She should have enough to keep her busy for a little bit!! Thanks for all of our gifts!!

Kristy LaVella said...

Wow... that was long!

Looks like it was a good 2007 Christmas for everyone=) I thought it was pretty funny to see the toys both Isabella and Makenzie got that were alike (big doodle and Little People's pet grooming shop... I fell in love with the LP things so much that she got the airplane and car to go with it!)

Let the countdown til next Christmas begin:)