Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bella is 3!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, baby girl! I can't believe you are three years old already! She will have a great day with a party at the Zoo with her friends and family!


Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd Birthday our little Isabella!!! You are getting way tooooo big for Grandma and Papa. We can't wait to celebrate your birthday today at the zoo and we are bringing you a special gift -- just for YOU!
We love you Isabella!
Grandma Sue and Papa Al

Laura said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isabella! Hope you have a fun, fun day!

The DeWater family said...

Happy Birthday Bella!!! Have a great day!

We love you!
Dee Dee, Ted,Brit & Jes

Julie Madera said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Bella!!! You're getting so big and so grown up. I can't wait for your party today, I know you'll have a great time at your favorite place....the ZOO! :-)
Uncle Chris and I love you SO much!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday:) I can't believe you're 3 already!?!?

Sue Haynes said...


Andy D. & Cayden said...

Happy 3Rd. Birthday Sweet Isabella.
Big hug and Much Love.

The Miller Family said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Isabella! We hope you had a great birthday party at the zoo. We missed celebrating with you this year. Take care; lots of love from us to you!

Mary Gaylord said...

Glad you had such a fun birthday party! Have fun playing with all your new toys! Can't believe you are 3 years old already!
We love you SO very much!

Grandma Mary & Papa Steve