Monday, June 09, 2008

Zoorific Party

We celebrated Isabella all day starting with the traditional Bob Evan's breakfast. This started with Isabella's first birthday when Grandma Mary and I took Isabella to Bob Evan's the morning of her birthday (we were staying with Grandma Mary and Papa Steve at the time because I was recovering from surgery.)

We had a great birthday party at the Akron Zoo with 35 of Isabella's closest friends and family. We got a tour of the coolest animal exhibits and got a private "petting" of a ferret and a chinchilla. The kids got to feed goats and sheep, and we all enjoyed pizza and cake.
Isabella got to open her gifts at the party. Some highlights: the Dora bike she's been asking about for months; two pools; clothes; books; games. She's set for fun summer activities! Thanks to all our friends and family for your generousity!


One of the HaynesHeads said...

What a cool birthday party! Love the BIG GIRL BIKE..
Happy Birthday, Isabella.

Love, The HaynesHeads

The DeWater family said...

Bella -
Looks like you had a great party!!!
You'll have to come visit us so you can pet Brittany's chinchilla Sophie!!!

See you soon!

Kris and Mindy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie!!!!! You are such a beautiful little girl:-) I am glad you were able to have a wonderful birthday with your family and friends!!! Sounds like it was a WONDERFUL time!
Many Hugs

Krissy said...

She is getting SO big! Looked like such a fun birthday party!!

Andy D said...

What a FUN way to spend Isabella's 3rd birthday. Hugs and Love