Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Farm Fun

A few weeks ago, Isabella, Grandma Mary and I drove to Nova, Ohio, to visit with Aunt Pam at the farm. Isabella loves animals and since farms have animals, she loves farms. When we drive by a large home with a large yard or a park or a barn, she yells "Farm" and points out the window.

During our visit, we petted cows and the pony, Annie. We saw cats - a lot of cats! We saw a newborn calf. We watched for turtles in the pond.

On the ride home, we stopped at a little country store for candy. Isabella was a sugary mess by the time we got home! It was a great day!


Julie Madera said...

I LOVE the last picture! :-) I'm glad you guys finally made it out there.

The Kramer's said...

I love that last picture too!! She looks so happy and content after all that sugar! Looks like a good time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great visit at Aunt Pam's. I think the animals loved Isabella as much as she loved them!
We love you too Isabella!
Grandma Sue

Laura said...

I just love the sugary face picture... how happy was she?