Monday, June 02, 2008

Munroe Falls Family Day

Wow! I'm still so behind but that means you will see new picks all week. We had a fun-packed weekend as the three of us headed to Columbus for three nights for a mini-getaway. I've got 169 photos from the weekend! But I have others I need to post first and this is a fun one!

We headed to the Munroe Falls Family Fest with Grandma Sue and Papa Al. We mainly went to go to the petting zoo. While there were only a few goats, lambs and bunnies, Isabella didn't mind and had a great time petting and watching. She even made everyone laugh when she asked the animal-keeper, "Got any lemurs?"


Anonymous said...

Isabella is so....beautiful!
Love watching her grow through daily photos. With Love, Andy D.

Julie Madera said...

LOL, Lemurs? Only Isabella! I love the picture by the river :-)