Friday, January 19, 2007


After days of worry and tons of pone calls to the doctor's office, my ENT finally called with my biopsy results. All benign - yeah! He said I would have to have a biopsy each year to make sure the cysts don't turn into cancer but for now I'm safe. The other cysts - the congenital one that started this fiasco - has split into three cysts but they are small. The docs will check those each year, too, to make sure no cancer develops. YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!

Now on to back surgery!


Julie said...

THANK GOODNESS, OUR PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED!! Jen, that's the greatest news we all could get. I worry so much about you and your health. I'm thankful you finally got some good news!!
Whatever you need, you know I'm always here for you (and Kev and Bella). It will be a long road to recovery, but always now that Chris and I are here to help in any way we can (like taking care of the dogs and sleepovers with Bella!!) You're the greatest person I know and I'm confident that you'll make it through this with flying colors, because that's what greatness gets, success!! ;-) I love you Big Sis and I'll see you all tomorrow!!
Love always, Your baby Sister
Jule ;-)

Laura said...

Great news! We keep you in our daily prayers. :)

Anonymous said...

Love to all 3 of you,
Mom & Dad K.

The Kramer's said...

YEAH!!!!!!! That is good news!!! One less thing you have to worry about!!! I also agree w/ Julie, finally some good news!!! Let us know what we can do help you in these up coming weeks!!! Love you all,
Melissa (and Tim too)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful News. Prayer answered.
May God wrap his arms around you as you enter into back surgery and your recovery. Hugs and Much Love, Andy D.

Anonymous said...

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