Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Eve Mass

Now that Isabella is part of our family, we knew we had to attend the children's Christmas Eve service at Immaculate Heart of Mary. She has a hard enough time sitting though a regular mass, let alone one with so much excitement and activity.

Seating goes quickly at IHM's children's service. We knew we'd have to arrive at least an hour before mass started to locate pews. Plus we needed seats for Grandma & Grandpa Gaylord, Grandma & Grandpa Kramer, Aunt Julie & Uncle Chris, Aunt Melissa & Uncle Tim, Aunt TT & Uncle Keith, and Kelsey & Kylie. It was such a special event because the entire clan was together.

The kids did really well, playing with their toys and running back and forth to different relatives. The service was beautiful with a live performance of the nativity story.

Grandpa Al showing Isabella his camera.

Both Grandmas entertaining Isabella.
Isabella and Daddy reading the service program.
Isabella pointing to the alter.

The beautifully decorated church alter.

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