Sunday, January 21, 2007

Moving Day

As my surgery is 30 hours and counting, Isabella and I are packing up some final items before heading to Grandma's and Papa's house.

Isabella has been sleeping much better this week so I hope it lasts after the move as my mom will take over the night-time rituals.

Everyone in the family is working hard to help out so any early thanks to: Uncle Tim, Aunt Melissa, Grandma Sue, Grandpa Al, Aunt TT, Uncle Keith, Aunt Julie, Uncle Chris and of course Kevin (who will take over all the house duties, work and visit us every day - We love you!)Papa Steve and Grandma Mary (who will not only care for us but will cook, clean and help us both to the bathroom, ha. ha). Aren't mom's great!!!!!!!

Check in mid-week for an update!


The Kramer's said...

Yes moms are the best! I know I would be lost without mine! We are keeping the 3 of you in our thoughts and prayers! Tell Isabella that Uncle Tim and I can't wait to see her!
Love ya,

Laura said...

So glad to hear you have all the help (and extra!) that you'll need. Hope everything goes well.

Aunt Julie said...

Chris and I want to wish you a fast and painless recovery. We'll be over quite often to play with Bella and to see how you're doing. We know we'll take her every weekend if you want. I'm sure Kevin will have no objections! ;-)
I'll be thinking of you this afternoon and I'll be there as soon as I'm off work!!
I love you Nenny ;-)