Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sleep Solutions???

Isabella is 19 months old, plenty old enough to sleep through the night. But she doesn't!

Her doctors say it's normal toddler behavior to a point, but she wakes up three and four times each night. Sometimes she wants her diaper changed or wants milk and sometimes she just wants to play, at 4 in the morning.

Kevin and I are so tired. Please share your sleep techniques for your little ones. We'll try anything to get some sleep!


Anonymous said...

Your message sounds like a carbon copy of my Dusty. She too is exhausted with Cayden still not sleeping through the night. She too is open for suggestions. Cayden wants his Momma right by his side during the night. I try to make her laugh by telling her, that he will definately sleep through the night ~~~~ by the time he graduates from high school. I shall pray for a good nights sleep for the both of you. Love and HUgs, Andy D.

Laura said...

I'm not an expert... but, I will tell you what helped us with Isaac was to stick to a night time ritual. Also, I do NOT go in and get him if he wakes up at night... only if he fusses for a super long time. I know that he can put himself back to sleep. Getting him up just reinforces that if he wakes up and cries, I'll be there. Email me if you want to talk more about it... we've dealt with lots of sleep issues.

Speaking of sleep issues... naptime if over! I hear him up in his crib. LOL