Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday Club

We finally took Isabella to Toys 'R Us for her birthday. She got a personal birthday card from Geoffry, the Toys 'R Us giraffe, the week of her birthday along with a $3 gift card. It instructs mom and dad to bring the card into the store with the birthday girl for a special surprise. So, with her card, gift certificate and birthday gift cards, we went in - our first stop: customer service. Isabella got a special birthday crown, a balloon and stickers. They even announced her name over the loud speaker. She used her birthday money to buy a stuffed Mumble from the movie Happy Feet and a Diego animal blow horn.

I didn't forget about sharing Isabella's special Father's Day gift with you. It's a shirt that says: World's Greatest Dad!


The Kramer's said...

A Diego blow horn??? That sounds loud!! :-) Hope she is feeling better!! See you guys soon!

Regina & Randy said...

We missed you guys on Saturday! Hope Bella is feeling much better. We have the boys in the Toys R Us Birthday Club too, but didn't receive anything in the mail for Jakob last week. I wonder if they forgot to send his card out??