Sunday, July 22, 2007

Reunion Success

After lot of planning and preparation, the Stow-Munroe Falls' High School Class of 1997 10-year Class Reunion was a success! At least in my eyes, and I hope in everyone's who was able to attend the event last night. It was so great seeing old friends and reconnecting with everyone. Ten years changes a lot of things, but it also reminds me how much things remain the same. To those classmates who are loyal Kramer blog readers, WELCOME and continue to visit. Post comments so I know you're still reading and stay in touch! Check out some of these great pics from the reunion!

Thanks Sam or Brian or whomever did this...

That's a nice pic!

The class president announced how thankful the class was for my hardwork and presented me with these flowers and a $50 gift certificate for dinner. (Kevin and I think we might go to our favorite place that we never get to go to-Smokey Bones!)


Julie said...

Jen, I'm SO glad everything went so well. I'm sure you had a great time catching up with your old 'gang'!
You defiantly deserved to have a great time. I'm for one, saw how much time and sweat you put into all of the planning. No one could've done it better. Here's to your 20 year reunion!!
Love you,

P.S. Chris and I will take Isabella for the weekend again ANY TIME!! :-)

Regina & Randy said...

Congrats on a successful event. I bet you guys had a great time!!
We love Smokey Bones too and were so disappointed when the one on Howe fell through. We were just recently at the one near Great Northern!
Enjoy your dinner out :-)