Friday, July 27, 2007


Aunt Julie & Uncle Chris got Isabella an Elmo sprinkler for her birthday. We tried it out but Isabella wasn't too sure about it at first. Now she loves it.

I can't wait until she's feeling better because we will pull Elmo back out for some backyard fun. (Summer virus update: Still running a low-grade fever and have moved into the diarrhea phase. I talked with her doctor today and she said that the diarrhea means Isabella is fighting the virus. The low-grade fever and diarrhea could last up to 10 more days.)


Rachel said...

Looks like fun! That was really funny to see you guys last night at Rocknes! You'd think we'd run into each other more being that we live pretty close! Hope you can get rid of some more of that nasty bug! See you soon!

Regina said...

Randy bought Jakob a Diego sprinkler just like Isabella's Elmo one! Jakey loves playing with it. What fun! Hope she gets out there to play again with it really soon! Give her some hugs and kisses from us!