Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer virus...argh!

Isabella is fighting what the doctor's call a summer virus! She's running a fever, has diarrhea and is just miserable. She just wants held and doesn't want to eat. Motrin seems to help bring the fever down a little but does not seem to provide any other relief. She finally slept well last night so I'm hoping that the extra rest will help kick this flu-bug out (and hoping no one else in the house gets it!).


Anonymous said...

Get well wishes coming your way Isabella. HUgs and love,
Andy D.

Randy & Regina said...

Sorry to hear that Isabella is not feeling well. It's difficult being sick during the summer! Jakob was miserable when he had Strep.

If you cannot make it on Saturday, we completely understand. It's more important to get better--

Take care!

The Kramer's said...

YUCK!!! Hope she feels better soon! Give her a big hug for us!! Love you guys,
Melissa and Tim

Kris and Mindy said...

OH NO!!! I sure hope she is feeling better really soon! I am sooooo sick right now too. Hoping we are ALL feeling better soon!

Laura said...

Oh, poor thing! I hope she's feeling better soon. :(

Anonymous said...

Jen -
Hope she is feeling better soon and that you don't catch it!

Hope to see you guys soon!


Rachel said...

Feel better Isabella!