Monday, October 08, 2007

Paige's B-day party

Isabella's friend, Paige, marked her 2nd birthday with a Dora bash with friends and family on Saturday. We would've have missed all the playing and pizza and chicken and cake. Paige even gave out fun birthday gift packs to her guests. Go to go and Happy Birthday, Paige!


Julie Madera said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves! The party looked like a lot of fun.

Kris and Mindy said...

Love all the pictures!!!! She is just as beautiful as ever. Truly! That "meter" thing is so fun. I was putting in all kinds of pictures with Mikayla's and it came out that she most looked like Alec. WHAT!? I had to laugh at that one! I wanted to tell you will be doing Boo at the Zoo on the 18th. I have lost your e-mail but can you please send it my way so I can get the info out to you and then from here on out when we get together I am will just be emailing everyone the plans. My e-mail is: