Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sign it now!

Most of you don't follow Guatemalan adoption law. To be honest, I wouldn't either except I have a vested interest, obviously.

Please take a moment to read the following blog post which I had help creating from a fellow adoptive Guate mom's blog (Thanks Mindy)...

Recently, our U.S. Department of State issued a dire warning about Guatemalan adoptions. This warning is nothing new, but it makes an official warning.

But this warning means there is a very real chance that cases that are still pending (still in process) come January 1st, 2008, will not be allowed to be completed.

Those who follow Guate adoption law knew this was coming, but we didn't realize that Guatemala may not allow in-process cases to continue. We have been under the impression from both the Guatemalan Officials as well as the US Dept. of State that in-process cases would be "grandfathered" and allowed to finish up...but now it looking like that very well may NOT be the case.

If this does happen, and adoptions are halted come Jan. 1st, there will be thousands of children left in Guatemala. And I do mean thousands. If you would like to step up then PLEASE contact your local congressman, senators, and US Dept. of State to pressure Guatemala into a grandfather clause.

Just think back two year's ago this time. We were waiting for Isabella. Her homecoming would not have made the cut since she came home in late March. Tears fill my eyes just thinking this and I pray for those mothers and fathers who are facing this reality now.

PLEASE help us take action for the children in Guatemala. Here is the link of an online petition that I am BEGGING you to take a moment to sign. We need these in process cases to continue. Please, even if you don't know a single person who has adopted from Guatemala but us, take the time to sign this. It will only take a second. Please do it for the other families who want to bring their children HOME. http://www.petitiononline.com/foafoa1/petition.html


Julie Madera said...

That's a shame for all those families. I really hope this gets changed and I hope my signature helped! To just think if Bella wasn't here, what would we be doing with all our time!
We're all defiantly thankful Bella is here and HOME! :-)
Love you guys

Anonymous said...

Andy Doolittle says:
Prayers are with all of the families awaiting their precious babes. Yes, Dusty and I know the long, hard, emotional journey which comes with the adoption process. Petition shall be signed. With Love,
I just canot emagine life without our Cayden. He brings us such joy and happiness. He truly fills my heart up. Hugs and Love to you and your entire family.

Regina said...

Jennifer, I'll be posting this petition link on our blog too. God help the Guatemalan children. We have friends in the process right now and pray that their angel comes home to them.