Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Punkin Patch

After Paige's birthday party, we headed the Ruefner's Harvest Festival for an old-fashioned hayride and pumpkin picking. Now since it was nearly 90 degrees out we didn't enjoy ourselves that much but Isabella had fun petting the animals, going through the hay maze and visiting her first "punkin patch". She even got to bring home her very own punkin.
Now since it was so warm, Kevin sat in the the nice air-conditioned car while I took Isabella on the 30-minute hayride and pumpkin picking adventure. One man (who had two sons with him) felt so bad that I had no one to help or to take pictures that he volunteered to snap a few shots and he emailed them to us.
Isabella had fun running through the pumpkin patch and after nearly 5 minutes picked one of the smallest pumpkins to bring home with her. I encouraged her to pick a much bigger one since the price was $10 per pumpkin regardless of size, but she was determined to hold her own pumpkin like the other kids. As we were walking up the stairs to get back on the hayride, she dropped the pumpkin and it went SPLAT under the tractor. I grabbed her up and we chose a medium sized pumpkin instead. She insisted that she bring more home, but at $10 a pop I quickly said no. Instead, the next day we went to Acme and purchased five more pumpkins at the bargain price of $2.99 each!


Regina said...

You look really good, Jennifer, especially for 90 degrees!! How've you been feeling? I know I wouldn't have survived out there in that heat. Wasn't it strange going on a hayride in summer temps??
You and Isabella look so happy :-)
I can't wait to see upcoming Halloween pictures!!

Laura said...

Yeah, it was HOT for our trip, too. Just didn't seem quite right!

Glad you got some good pics. They turned out well!

Julie Madera said...

Jen, I LOVE the last picture. That's one to definantly print out and frame! :-)

The Kramer's said...

Wow, pumpkin prices have done up!! Looks like a good time! I love the pumpkin patch!!

The Kramer's said...

*gone up