Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chuck E Cheese's

Last week, Grandma Mary, Isabella and I met a friend of mine at Chuck E. Cheese's in Canton. This was Isabella's first time there and she loved it! In fact, when the pizza came and the other kids wanted to sit and eat, all Isabella wanted to do was play. She didn't even care if the ride moved, she just wanted to sit on it like all the big kids did.

The kids who joined us are much older than Isabella so they showed her the ropes. They took control and helped Isabella on all the rides while the "mommies" talked. The girls even pooled their game tickets to score Isabella a blinking watch and some cool shades.

We will be going back very soon (Too bad though it's so expensive!)

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Anonymous said...

The girls loved getting to finally meet Isabella...what a little sweetheart. Thanks for sharing her with us!